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Stadium Info

Huish Park has been home to the Glovers since 1990. Two of the four stands are terracing, both are behind the goals. At one end is the covered Blackthorn Terrace, whilst at the other end is the Copse Road terrace which is open to the elements. Running along each side of the pitch are two similar stands in terms of size and height. They are both all-seated and under cover. The main difference being that the Augusta Westland Stand has some executive boxes running across the back of it along with the dug outs and players tunnel, whilst the Cowlin Stand has a press box and a small simple looking electric scoreboard.

Away Fans

Visiting supporters are situated in the copse road terrace end behind one of the goals where up to 1,750 fans can be accommodated. The view is unobstructed but remember it's open to the English weather when you choose your attire in the morning! A small number of seats are allocated to away fans in the Cowlin Stand, which is covered. However tickets are only made available in this area to families with young children and senior citizens. The catering outlet offered the usual array of football food with pies, pasties, hot dogs and burgers.

Stadium Layout

Huish Park seating plan:

Huish Park seating plan

Where To Drink

Visiting fans advise that most of Yeovil is 'away fan friendly', but The Arrow and The Bell, both within 10-15 minutes of the ground, have received the best reports. The Arrow is a spacious pub that is frequented predominantly by home supporters, though away supporters are welcome. From the Huish Park car park, walk back past the ground and turn right at the end of Lufton Way. At the end of this road, turn left and take the first right. Go straight down through the residential area. After about 5-8 minutes, there is a opening on your right with shops and the Arrow pub in the middle. The Bell, on Preston Road, near the town centre, is a very large pub which serves excellent food. There is plenty of seating outside, which is very pleasant in good weather.


Parking is available at the stadium if you arrive early enough at a cost of £2. However, for ease of escape after the game and to save a couple of quid, street parking is freely available in the surrounding roads. You'll be unlucky to have more than a 5-10 minute walk in.

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By Train

The nearest / closest train stations to Yeovil Town's Huish Park Stadium are Pen Mill and Yeovil Junction, both of which are some way from the town centre, and neither are in the same direction as Huish Park. Yeovil Junction is on the line from London Waterloo to Exeter, as is 2 miles to the south of the town centre. From here you can catch the 'Hopper' minibus to the bus station in the town centre. Pen Mill station is about a mile to the east of the town centre, and is served by trains from Bristol to Weymouth.

Then once you've got to the town centre, you're still a couple of miles from Huish Park. For Saturday games there is a shuttle bus that runs from the bus station to the ground, but I'm not sure if they bother to provide this on Friday nights. Otherwise there is the First Traveller Bus Service No:1 that leaves from the town centre (stop outside Lloyd's TSB in the High Street) and drops you at the Abbey Manor Housing Estate, which is near to the ground.

The Games To See

Rivals - Bristol Rovers, Bristol City


Don Lecannes, 9 August, 2014 - Yeovil Town v Doncaster Rovers

Travel: With great difficulty! I arrived at Yeovil Junction Station having spent my last pounds on the trolley cart...realizing this, I asked a waiting passenger where the cashpoint was...she laughed. The guy on the waiting local bus asked for £2.80, having less than £2, "sorry mate." Was the response. I even put my debit card on the 'reader' and he stared at me. So how did I get into town? Taxi of course, stopped at a cashpoint in town. £13 to the stadium...miles away! Literally.

Refreshments: Yes, at the ground a cheese and Onion Pasty, coffee, and a bottle of water: £6.20. The pasty was burnt and actually turned out to be a Cornish Pasty, which, being a veggie, was put to one side. Thought about taking it back, but the queue was massive. The stadium wasn't packed, but the small tuck shop like kiosk was over-run.

Impressions: As new stadiums go, it wasn't bad. But at £50 to get the train, £26 for taxis, £6.20 for a coffee and a water, £25 cheapest ticket, it was a poor stadium experience and a place I'd reluctantly go to again.

Facilities: No water in the toilets in the fan area outside the ground. Huge queue to get into the toilets at half time. Plenty of leg room as the stadium was half empty.

Enjoy: Yes, loved it. Would I recommend it? Only if you have to. Well impressed with Doncaster and their fans too.


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Ground Name: Huish Park
Capacity: 9,665 (Seating 5,212)
Address: Lufton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8YF
Main Tel No.: 01935 423 662
Team Nickname: The Glovers
Year Ground Opened: 1990
Site: www.ytfc.net www.yeovil.com


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Yeovil Town FC, Huish Park Panoramic
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